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Digidash Mileage Adjustments

Mileage adjustment/ is a really complex procedure and only professionally qualified engineers with the correct training and equipment should be trusted to complete this procedure.

Digi Dash have 18 years experience and have all the latest up to date equipment. Digidash offer the same day mobile service for mileage adjustment. We have the skill, knowledge and technology to conduct mileage adjustments on all cars, old and new from Skodas to Ferarries.

We continue to invest in time and money to train and keep modern and up to date equipment so you the customer receive value for money and a professional service. A 12 month guarantee and complete discretion are also added to the service unlike other mileage correction companies who keep a data base of all their customers details.

"100% untraceable Mileage Adjustment for ANY car."
- Digidash Mileage Adjustments



Highly Experienced

As mentioned, Digidash have over 18 years experience in performing mileage changes to cars, they have been specialising in this for a very long time.

Any Vehicle

Any Vehicle

Some car manufacturers think their odometers are bullet proof, not when Digidash are around! We promise to update odometers on ANY Car.

Mileage Experts

Mileage Experts

It is important that whoever is doing your odometer adjustment is a mileage expert and knows the system inside out, this is exactly what you get with Digidash.

Digidash Guarantee

Digidash Guarantee

Not many other mileage correction companies can offer a 100% guarantee. Digidash guarantee our services for aslong as 12 months, ensuring nothing can go wrong.

Amateur mistakes during mileage adjustments often have catastrophic results, ensure you get your odometer correction done by a pro Learn more...

Why choose Digidash?

  • 18 Years Experience
  • Mileage Adjustments for Any Car
  • Latest Technology - Best Tools
  • Fast Service
  • 12 Month Mileometer Guarantee
  • Fantastic Rates

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BMW Mileage Corrections


Adjust your odometer on any BMW vehicle, we have performed mileage correction on 3 series, M series, 5 series, and many more.

Audi Mileage Adjustments


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Ferrari Mileometer Adjustments


Some people think performing mileage adjustments to Ferraris is impossible, not us! We have experience of changing odometer readings on most models.

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